Ethereum Developer Video Course

by Merunas Grincalaitis

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The complete Ethereum Developer course contains 8 videos which will give you the skills to create your own Smart Contracts, ICOs, audits and dApps:

1. FREE Learn Solidity in 1 hour: A 1 hour and 1 minute video about learning the Solidity language from scratch to create your own Smart Contracts and decentralized applications. By the end of the video you should be able to start creating basic Smart Contracts.
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2. Smart Contracts and dApp creation: A 52 minute video about creating a Smart Contract and a dapp about a decentralized blog from scratch. You'll see the process that I follow everytime I create a new project so that you can create your own dApps and Smart Contracts.
3. Smart Contract Testing and dApp deployment: A 36 minute video where you'll learn how to actually test a Smart Contract with javascript, what I do to set everything up for easier testing and how to deploy your dApp on github pages for a free, high-quality hosting.
4. How to make a Smart Contract audit: A 27 minute video where you'll see how I develop professional Smart Contract audits with some real world examples. I can send you 3 audits I made in the past for your reference if you want.
5. The Business of an Ethereum Developer: A 22 minute video where you'll see how I get ethereum job offers and contract work consistently with some cool tips to start earning money and how to deal with the different types of clients.
6. Ethereum ERC20 Tokens: An in-depth 30 minute video where you'll see how to create and deploy Ethereum ERC20 tokens to make your own cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum.
7. ICO Smart Contracts: A 1 hour and 3 minutes video where you'll learn how to create an ICO Smart Contract from scratch to sell ERC20 tokens safely. It contains a lot of Smart Contract programming. By the end of it you'll gain the skills to work on any ICO.
8. Convert a Web App into a dApp: A 1 hour and 10 minutes video where you'll learn how to take an existing web application and convert it to a decentralized application from zero. You'll be able to apply this knowledge to create your own ICO projects.

After purchasing the course you'll be able to download or view the videos online with a 100% money back guarantee for 1 year, just send me an email to with the reason.

Still not convinced? Be sure to check out the first video "Learn Solidity in 1 hour" where you'll go through all the basics to start becoming a Smart Contract developer.

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